Richard Ford on the unknowability of the mind 

I do not think, in any event, it’s a good idea to want to know what people are thinking (that would disqualify you as a writer right there) … People never tell the truth anyway. And most people’s minds never contain much worth reporting, in which case they just make something up that’s patently ridiculous instead of saying the truth – namely, I was thinking of nothing. The other side, of course, is that you will run the risk of being told the very truth of what someone is thinking, which can turn out to be something you don’t want to hear, or that makes you mad, and ought to be kept private anyway…. Things just come into your mind on their own and aren’t your fault. So I learned this all those years ago – that you don’t need to held responsible for what you think, and that by and large you don’t have any business knowing what other people think.

Richard Ford, The Sportswriter 


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