Dead Men’s Trousers – Irvine Welsh

It’s hard to know where to begin with this book. Maybe the plot. This is about the reuniting of the four main characters from Welsh’s earlier book, Trainspotting: Renton, Sick Boy, Spud and Frank Begbie. It’s twenty years later and all have changed, some more than others.

Renton is a successful DJ manager, but dissatisfied, travelling around the world, living out of hotels, and drinking and using drugs too much. Sick Boy is sex obsessed, and runs an escort agency. Spud is on the streets, in the worst position of the lot. Begbie is an internationally known artist, married with two kids, living in LA, his angry past apparently behind him.

Renton and Begbie run into each other on a flight and they begin to be friends again, despite Renton owing Begbie and Sick Boy thousands after ripping them off at the end of Trainspotting. We meet the others, and in the process [a few spoilers coming up] Sick Boy spikes his brother in law, Euan’s, drink with drugs, leading him to leave his wife; Spud gets involved in human organ smuggling, but his dog eats it; he has his own kidney extracted by Sick Boy; Begbie reveals he’s not entirely changed; Renton and Sick Boy find love; one of the four dies… it’s a great story, gripping, funny and sad.

What makes this book stand out, other than plot? The writing style. As Welsh is well known for, he writes in a Scottish dialect, hard to read at the start, but you quickly adapt. He even varies the depth of accent among the characters, with the globe trotting Renton having a minimal accent and Spud’s much thicker, hard to understand at times.

And each of them is presented in the first person, an approach that draws you in to each character, and allows you to see the differences in views between them, especially the animosity between Renton and Sick Boy, and Begbie’s hidden side.

What’s interesting is how, for each of the characters, little has changed in their personality, despite living different lives: Renton is still unhappy with his life and trying, largely unsuccessfully, to better himself; Sick Boy has replaced his drug addiction with sex addiction; Spud has never got his act together; Begbie’s previous traits are there still, just hidden.


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